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Situated in the northwest of the country, Yalova is one of the most fabulous Turkish cities. Frequently visited by tourists from every corner of the globe, it is little wonder why people make their way here. With history that stretches back into prehistoric times, stunning natural beauty spots and vibrant cities, it certainly is well worth exploring.Because of its rich history, Yalova has become incredibly wealthy in terms of its culture, traditions and attractions.

One of the first things to do in Yalova is to pay a visit to the thermal spas of Termal. Located around eight miles south of the city, the hot springs have been used by the inhabitants here since the Roman period and then reconstructed by the Ottomans.The spas contain sodium chloride, calcium sulphate and fluoride and remain at a pleasant temperature of around 57 to 60 degrees Celsius. For centuries they have been used as a means of relaxation, healing and cleansing.