About Us

Since the day it was founded, it continues its services in the tourism and trade sector with quality and modern technology as the basis of unconditional customer satisfaction, systematic work and friendly service.

To carry the concept of quality and superior service as a pioneer in the sector.

Together with our employees, we aim to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and to provide healthy development services at universal quality and standards. It is our first priority to meet the expectations of creating value with quality and stability for our customers. Protecting our services and being there for our customers is our primary duty.

We consider improving and renewing ourselves as our goal in customer satisfaction in order to meet the needs and demands of our customers.

We have adopted the principle of acting as customer-oriented, sensitive to the society and environment, open to continuous improvement, in accordance with world standards and providing even higher quality service than ever before. In accordance with the contemporary structure; We aim to increase our positive contributions to both ourselves and the society by educating all our staff in a planned manner. Depending on these goals and objectives; To maximize customer satisfaction is one of our first duties and objectives.
Exchange Rate
  Buying Selling
Euro 8.9778 8.9939
Dolar 7.3797 7.393
Sterlin 10.0926 10.1452
S. Riyal 1.9673 1.9708
K. Dinar 24.2384 24.5556