Liposuction is a method for the removal of excess fat layer under the skin, with the help of special device or an appropriate syringe vacuum technique. Thanks to this method excess fat, resistant to dieting or exercise, localised over certain areas can be removed smoothly and safely.

Nowadays, more effective reducer of fat areas resistant to diets or exercising than the traditional liposuction method is the laser lipolysis. The technique of laser lipolysis is non-invasive sculpturing procedure, being classified as minimal surgical intervention, more comfortable and effective than the old one. Differently from the classic vacuum technique, laser lipolysis is based on a point-shot procedure, applied under the skin layer by a small incision numbed with a local anaesthetic.

During the procedure a local anaesthetic is applied over the skin and a small incision is going to be made under the skin surface. With the help of thin cannula ( metal tube) is inserted inside the incision giving a laser beam in order to melt the concentrated fatty tissue. The fatty cells are naturally eliminated in the body. Differently from the liposuction method, where large cannulas are used in only one particular area to remove fats, leaving large gaps and misshaped contours, in our hospital we use the technique of lipolysis ( Slim Lipo).

How is it useful?

It is observed that localized fatty areas resistant to dieting or exercise routine can be removed effectively using the technique of laser lipolysis. The method is applied in order to correct the accumulated fat cells, rather than aiming directly the fat tissue. It does not only reduce the fat accumulation under the skin, but boosts the collagen production for creating a tighter and younger skin appearance.

There are three main reasons for the laser lipolysis to be applied:

Removal of localised fat cells
Tightening the skin surface
Preventing sweating ( when applied over the underarm area)

Appropriate Age for the Surgery

The general health condition of the patient must be elevated as the procedure does not aim the excess weight loss for obese patients. On the contrary, the treatment aims the removal of stubborn localised fat areas, disturbing the general look of the body line. It shows as reshaping operation of the body contours making them more proportionate and smooth. Another criteria for being a suitable candidate for the procedure is the characteristics of the skin. Results are more effective over younger patients. In patients, where the elasticity of the skin is compromised, the removal of the excess skin operation may become necessary.  
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